ACT Tutoring

ACT Tutoring

The best tutors for ACT tutoring are here at Tampa Tutoring. The problems faced by students taking the ACT are that they do not choose the most efficient method to solve a question, they misunderstand the question, and they waste time trying to memorize everything.
Tampa Tutoring has tutors who are very efficient and strategic. Our tutors have designed self-placed lessons and quality content. We create a week by week study plan customized specifically for you.

The ACT and SAT are both college admissions tests, and colleges will accept your score from either test. You don’t have to take both, but you can. The ACT has four sections — English, math, reading, and science — while the SAT has three sections — reading, writing, and math. The ACT gives you less time per question than the SAT, and it tests you on analyzing experiments and data in the Science section, while not testing you explicitly on vocabulary as the SAT does. Really, whichever test or tests you take should come down to personal preference. Spend some time researching the tests, looking at sample questions, and thinking about your skills and preferences.

Many colleges and universities require meeting a minimum ACT score for admissions. Depending on the schools you want to attend, you likely need to take the ACT to get into college. Your ACT score can also determine which classes you take; a low score might put you in remedial classes, while a high score can earn you credit for certain core college classes, without having to take the class! ACT scores are also a big factor for many merit-based scholarships and can help you win scholarships from your school and other organizations. Whether it’s gaining admission to your dream school, getting you out of remedial classes, letting you skip a freshman English class during your first year of school, or earning you a substantial scholarship, working toward a higher ACT score can be a good choice, no matter your current score.

We are so confident that our ACT course is the best around we ensure you a specific Point Increase Guarantee. If your score does not go up from a previous official ACT we will refund you some of the amounts you paid or even let you prep again for free if you aren’t satisfied.


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